Mufti Abdullah Nana

Mufti Abdullah Nana

Religious Director

Mufti Abdullah Nana ibn Abdullah Ebrahim Nana was born in Novato, California in 1978, and attended elementary,
middle and high school in his hometown. After graduation from high school, Abdullah enrolled at the University of
California at Berkeley, one of the top public universities in the country. He continued to excel academically while
participating in extra-curricular activities, including serving as Treasurer for the Muslim Student Association at UC
Berkeley during his sophomore year. Through hard work and the grace of Allah, he was able to finish the four-year
degree in two and a half years. He graduated with honors in 1998 with a degree in Business Administration.
In order to quench his thirst for Islamic knowledge, Shaikh Abdullah traveled to an Islamic University in South
Africa, where he studied for seven years. He completed the rigorous and intensive syllabus which covers many of
the Islamic Sciences, including but not limited to Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Arabic Grammar, Arabic
Morphology, Hadith (Sayings of the Holy Prophet), Tafsir (Commentary of the Quran), Aqidah (Islamic Beliefs and
philosophy), Tajwid (Canonical Intonation of the Quran), Arabic Literature, and Islamic History. The Shaikh also
completed his post-graduate studies while specializing in Islamic Jurisprudence and obtaining an authorization from
his teachers to issue legal opinions, or fatwa, thus earning the title of a ‘Mufti.’ Mufti Abdullah does his best to serve
the American Public – Muslim and non-Muslim – in a variety of ways. He currently serves as an Imam at the Islamic
Center of Mill Valley and Religious Director at Masjid Furqaan Hayward.
He delivers the Friday sermon in multiple locations in the Bay Area, including some of the local universities and
colleges. He teaches Arabic and Islamic sciences full-time at a school in San Francisco. The Shaikh was a guest
speaker on Comparative Religion at the Dominican University, on Comparative Law at the San Francisco State
School of Law, for an English class at the University of California at Berkeley, and on Islamic Insurance at the
Harvard Islamic Finance seminar. Along with this, he has delivered talks in many cities throughout the U.S on
various contemporary issues.
In his capacity as a specialist in Islamic Law, the Shaikh assists Muslims all over America with their personal, legal,
and economic problems. He has answered hundreds of written questions on a variety of contemporary issues, such
as Islamic Finance, Medicine, Inheritance, Food Science, Drug Problems, etc. Mufti Abdullah also counsels
Muslims with their personal problems and does his best to provide practical solutions. In the past, he has advised
Muslim Medical Clinics, Halal Food companies, Investors, IT Professionals, Muslim Websites, Stores, and other
organizations. Mufti Abdullah has authored four books on a variety of topics, including The Virtues of Islamic
Knowledge, Stoning to Death in Islam, Legal Rulings on Slaughtered Animals, and The Maidens of Paradise. He
currently lives in Mill Valley and is happily married with six children.

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