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About Us


MISSION - Disseminating Traditional Islam from its Authentic Sources for the Contemporary American Muslim.

VISION - Masjid Furqaan Hayward was formed under traditionally trained Islamic scholars, born and raised in the United States and first-generation Muslim Americans to preserve the authentic tradition in adherence to the straight path ( الصراط المستقيم ) of our pious predecessors ( السلف الصالحين).

APPROACH – Deriving principles from first generation Muslims and the two following generations (خیر القرون) after the demise of Rasūlullah ﷺ. Embracing and seamlessly facilitating the Prophetic Mission, categorized into:

  • learning & educating تعلیم وتعلم
  • spiritual purification تزكية النفس
  • outreach & propagation دعوة
  • social services الخدمات الاجتماعية
  1. Embracing all of humanity regardless of race, class, and nationality and creating an Ummah.
  2. Working under the guidance of the ‘Ulāmā’ (Heirs of Rasūlullah ﷺ) whose chain of transmission and authentic scholarship traces back to Rasūlullah ﷺ

The following Religious Advisory Board & Committee appointed by the Board of Al-Furqaan Foundation advises and administers the programs/activities at Masjid Furqaan Hayward.

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© Copyright Masjid Furqaan Hayward 2023. All Rights Reserved. Masjid Furqaan Hayward is a division of Al-Furqaan Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit dawah organization based in Illinois, founded in 2003. www.furqaan.org. The Foundation does not accept conditional donations. The Foundation reserves the right to allocate, preserve, grow, invest, and loan any funds donated to the Foundation for any of the Foundation’s charitable purposes.

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