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Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Khalid Siddiqi is one of the most senior scholars living in the US. Born in Hyderabad, India, his upbringing was done in a pious and scholarly family. His father, a renowned ‘alīm, Mawlānā Muhammad Mas’ūd Siddiqi رح was t...

Mufti Abdullah Nana ibn Abdullah Ebrahim Nana was born in Novato, California in 1978, and attended elementary, middle and high school in his hometown. After graduation from high school, Abdullah enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley,...

Shaykh Ahmad Sadiq Mehtar حفظہ الله is amongst the most senior 'Ulāmā' living in the U.S. Born and raised in South Africa, Shaykh completed Hifdh of the Quran in his hometown of Durban, under the supervision of his fathe...

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